Hi I’m Paige (no duh) I’m really enjoying it here in Australia, but I do miss England and my friends and my school (John Hellins, Potterspury) and everyone I used to know. I actually miss the weather some days too. Luckily my new teacher is just as nice my old one. But our school is much, much bigger than the old one.

I am in year 7 but I am not in high school yet I’m still in primary school.

We recently went on a boat trip to get to a small island called Rottnest as a residential trip. We ate at a couple of fast food places (Red Rooster & Subway) we went on a ferry and had to hire bikes to ride around the island because there are no cars allowed on the island except the government cars and buses.

We were doing swimming lessons with school recently, so that we know how to swim well in the sea. We did our swimming at a beach near the house that we live in.

I have met another English girl called Lucy and she is one of my friends. But unfortunately she moved to a nearby place called Woodvale, which isn’t too far away.

It has been hot lately and I mean it when I say hot. But luckily we had one day when we had rain all day, which is good for the ground and good for the grass swell.


Paige x